Joining SPC


Being a member of Emory’s Student Programming Council is one of the best experiences at Emory University. Not only will you share in the responsibility of planning the largest student activities on campus, you will also gain valuable leadership skills and work closely with some of Emory’s most talented students. These unique friendships continue beyond Emory because SPC has a very active and connected alumni network.

SPC selects new members through both an application and interview process. However, based on the number of applications, the SPC Selection Committee reserves the right to make a cut prior to the first round interview and only extend interviews to selected candidates.

The Student Programming Council is dedicated to the University’s equal opportunity policy, which provides that applicants will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran’s status or any factor that is a prohibited consideration under applicable law.

1. Who can apply to join SPC?

Any member of the Emory University student community can apply. SPC welcomes applications from all undergraduate and graduate/professional school students, including incoming freshmen (College Class of 2014), Oxford students, Oxford continuees, and transfers.

2. SPC sound awesome. How do I apply for SPC?

Applications will be posted here and publicized through social media when open.

3. How are new members selected?

According to the Bylaws of SPC, potential new members are evaluated and selected on the following criteria:
• Event Planning Experience
• Creativity
• Attitude/Ability to work with others
• Organization
• Availability/Commitment
• Added Diversity to the Student Programming Council body
• Passion for the University
• Awareness of Campus Dynamics

4. But, I still have questions….

There are several ways to get more information and meet some SPC members…
• Email us at for more information.